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Cleaning up India: Modi's quest

Thu 30 Jun 2016

No country in the world faces the problems of garbage and waste that India does. With a population density 2.5 times greater than China’s and 30 per cent of people now living in rapidly growing cities, there’s urgency about India’s confrontation with the steady rise of middle-class, throwaway life. That’s why the new Prim ...

Asia-Pacific and Us: Australia In the Region

The Rise of China

Thu 28 Oct 2010

China's unprecedented rise to superpower is built on other East Asian economic miracles, such as the Japanese and South Korean success stories. However, within China growing disparities and ethnic tensions are pointing towards cracks in the system. How will China retain its momentum and deal with internal strife?

Asia-Pacific and Us: Australia In the Region

China, Australia and the Pacific

Thu 04 Nov 2010

Today China is a global player, both dependent on Australian resources and instrumental in shaping the region's future. We will discuss China's diplomatic, trade and investment ties with the countries of the region and illustrate how they are competing with or complementing the activities of other countries, such as Australia and the USA. The futur ...