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The Naked Brunch: Food, Consumption & Culture

Thu 30 Aug 2012

Eating is a mundane activity, sometimes pleasurable, sometimes routine. But how often do we think about what we eat as a social phenomenon rather than an exercise in personal taste? This course will be a six week long naked lunch, a collection of 'frozen moments' when we'll stop chewing and attempt see exactly how 'what is on the end of our fork ...

Sustainability and Permaculture

Food and production sustainability

Thu 12 Aug 2010

The Naked Brunch: Food, Consumption & Culture

Fat bodies politic

Thu 27 Sep 2012

We often assume there is a simple connection between food, (over)consumption and fat, but this overlooks the ways in which food and eating, body shape and size, and even the experience of 'health' are deeply enmeshed with class, race, and cultural practices.

The Naked Brunch: Food, Consumption & Culture

A revolution in an eggcup? Celebrity chefs, ethical consumption and lifestyle politics

Thu 20 Sep 2012

Celebrity chefs have become the somewhat unlikely cultural icons of our time. In this talk I discuss the impact that figures like Jamie Oliver have had on the way we think about cooking, eating and sourcing our food, focusing in particular on the way he has used his branded identity to promote healthy and ethical forms of consumption.

Contemporary Australian Issues

Australia’s role in the world

Sat 01 May 2010

In an era characterised by globalisation, protracted civil wars, new security challenges, food and economic crises, and environmental challenges, the role Australia plays in the world has changed dramatically from in the past. Australia’s response to the myriad issues currently facing the international community raises numerous questions about the ...

The Naked Brunch: Food, Consumption & Culture

The vegan and the locavore

Thu 04 Oct 2012

Harm, food and sentience: is there really such thing as a vegan?

The Naked Brunch: Food, Consumption & Culture

Breastmilk: A meal, a medicine and much more

Thu 06 Sep 2012

Breast milk is the original, organic baby-food. It's perfect for infants and it's free. In contrast, formula is expensive and places infants' health at risk. The World Health Organisation recommends breast milk as the only source of nutrition that babies need for the first 6 months of life. So why do 85% of Australian parents give their babies form ...

All creatures great and small: animals and us

The happy hen on your supermarket shelf: What do you buy when you buy free range eggs?

Thu 16 May 2013

The rise of the "free range" egg appeals to consumers' feelings that they don't want to be complicit in the suffering of animals. But the meaning of the label "free range" varies widely - and so does the relationships it represents between consumers, retailers, suppliers, farmers, hens and, ultimately, the earth and sun. In this session we will que ...