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I (heart) Philosophy - 2010

Wed 29 Sep 2010



I (heart) Philosophy - 2011

Tue 15 Feb 2011

This course grapples with big issues and key thinkers in philosophy. Topics are broad and diverse and meant to engage people with the big topics, paradoxes and conundrums. 


Philosophy and the Divine: God in Western Thought

Wed 09 Apr 2014

God plays an important and fundamental role in many people’s lives. But what sort of role has God played in philosophy? How have philosophers understood notions of God and how have they used notions of God to make sense of the world and of ourselves? And why do so many philosophers today have no role for God in their understanding of the w ...

Women in philosophy

Thu 03 Sep 2015

Is what we think, say and write inherently gendered? Why does the activist need philosophy? Where are we at with the whole “body/mind” thing? This course will introduce and explore the work of some of the greatest modern thinkers - philosophers who have opened up new possibilities in politics, language, gender, identity and ethic ...

Psychoanalysis is...

Thu 11 Aug 2016

Psychoanalysis is one of the most influential and enduring intellectual traditions of the past century. Many diverse tendencies have emerged from the clinical and theoretical work of visionaries such as Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan. Adherents and critics of these movements have helped shape the development of psychology, art, philosophy, busi ...

Melbourne: Music, Memory, Place

Trying to make sense of it all: lI've music and conclusions on music, memory, place'

Tue 04 Mar 2014

Stuart Grant specialises in Performance Philosophy, particularly Phenomenology. Stuart believes that phenomenology gives an immediacy of access to the materiality of performance, to the bodies, voices, props, sets, audiences, places, times and meanings of which performances are made. His primary practice research specialisation is site-specific per ...

Psychoanalysis is...

Psychoanalytic Ethics in the 21st Century Clinic

Thu 01 Sep 2016

For Freud, psychoanalysis was the ‘talking cure’, but what does it treat, and how? This presentation will examine these questions in the light of Lacan’s discussions on ethics and philosophy, and with an eye on contemporary problems and paradigms of treatment.

Women in philosophy

Luce Irigaray and the philosophy of sexual difference feminism

Thu 17 Sep 2015