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Who We Are

Economics for Everyone

Thu 21 Feb 2013

Tim Thornton has lectured in economics at Australian Universities for over ten years. He wrote his PhD on the evolution of economics teaching in Australian universities, and is an award-winning teacher.


Gender Wars: The Military, Guns & Women

Tue 20 Aug 2013

This course will look at gender relations, guns, violence, war and peace. The links between these issues are as relevant as ever in the context of increasing militarization in the Asia Pacific, the persistence of the nuclear threat, the proliferations of guns, the prevalence of rape as a key aspect of warfare, and the Australian government&rsquo ...

On Drugs

Thu 10 Oct 2013

Australians are world leaders in recreational drug use, but we seem chronically incapable of an honest appraisal of the issues this raises. The 'war on drugs' paradigm dominates the mainstream while drug-taking subcultures flourish at the margins: something has to give. Through an examination of the history, politics, law, science and culture of ...

MFU 4 Asylum Seekers: Australian History and Society

Wed 03 Dec 2014

This course will use stories and case studies to give students an overview of key events and themes in Australian history. These stories will give students a greater understanding of current debates and contemporary society. Topics covered will include Aboriginal histories and culture, colonization, diversity and immigration, women, wars, stolen ...

Understanding Your Home

Thu 19 Mar 2015

We all have a home. Even the "homeless" people who gather under a bridge have a place to which they return daily to a familiar setting with familiar faces. We spend at least half our lives in our homes: resting, relating, loving, eating, sleeping, playing.   Despite the centrality of home in our daily lives, we have very little conscious kn ...

War and Peace

Tue 05 Apr 2011

Against the current context of violent conflicts in the world, speakers will ask and address questions about why conflicts turn into wars, how wars play out, and how they can be resolved or avoided. 


Welcome to the Anthropocene!

Wed 11 Jun 2014

The Anthropocene has been put forward as a new geological epoch, one in which humans have come to rule the world's natural systems and processes. In an age of increased environmental awareness, the term has captured the public imagination. But what is the Anthropocene? When and where did it start? Is it a terrifying global phenomenon or just a b ...

What is happening in the Middle East

Tue 01 Dec 2015

The Arab Spring took the world by surprise five years ago this December — at this MFU talk we will hear from scholars and activists working on the Middle East about their take on what is going on now, how people in the region make sense of the wars in their countries, and how we can make sense of them in the context of what is going on in ...


Thu 03 Mar 2016

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — or drones — are at the forefront of military technology today and are increasingly forming the invisible frontline of modern state warfare. Support for the deployment of drones is growing on the basis of their supposed accuracy and cost for militaries that have been downsizing since the end of the Cold War. ...

Latin American Update

Thu 07 Apr 2016

Beyond drug wars, guerillas and tequila cocktails we don’t hear much about Latin America. In this six week series, we’ll be taking a deeper look at what is going on in Latin America today. Each week, we’ll go beyond the headlines to look at the political, social and economic factors that shape life in a the region’s  ...

War and Peace in Syria: Where to now?

Thu 09 Jun 2016

The recent breakdown of the cessation of hostilities in Syria has potentially ushered in a new and even darker phase of the Syrian civil war. The increase in aerial assaults on Aleppo and other rebel-held areas over the last few weeks has led many to speculate that the regime of Bashar al-Assad is manoeuvring for an end-game. But is this the cas ...

Living Small: Tiny & Affordable Houses

Thu 23 Jun 2016

You’ve all seen the Hobbit houses on flat-bed trucks and the three story family homes built on smaller footprints that most of our shoe racks, but the tiny housing movement stands for more than Pinterest clickbait. It addresses political, social and environmental concerns while still drawing the eye. This panel discussion will ...

The past is present: history, culture and conflict

Thu 22 Sep 2016

Historians play a crucial role in shaping the way you understand conflicts as diverse as frontier violence in Victoria, genocide in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and the feminist struggle in East Timor. Far from being passive observers of conflict, historians play an active role in cultural struggles, and in recent decades have become embroiled in the ...

Challenging weapons, war, and violence: from local to global

Tue 20 Sep 2016

For 100 years, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom has been promoting a vision of feminist peace by challenging militarism and patriarchy. At this event, Ray Acheson, director of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) disarmament program, will talk about ...

Diasporas in Action

Thu 02 Feb 2017

We belong to a world of people on the move - in 2015, 244 million people lived outside their country of origin, including 20 million refugees. These migrants often create vibrant diaspora communities that can become agents of social, political, cultural and economic change in both  the homelands they have left behind and in the societies th ...

Peace in our time?

Wed 08 Feb 2017

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the US on 20 January 2017. Last year, we saw the rise of right wing populism globally: Duterte’s regime in the Philippines is killing thousands of people extra-judicially as part of his tough stance on drugs, Germany and France face emergent right-wing movements as the ...

Guns and Sports

Thu 27 Apr 2017

Why and how does the American Revolution make it so difficult to introduce gun control measures in the US today? And what do modern sports have to do with war? This talk explores these questions, and their intersection with nationalism, (mis)conceptions about modern nations, their origins and what makes them unique. It will look at how gun contr ...

Syrian refugees in Jordan

Thu 11 May 2017

After seven years of war, Syria’s closest neighbours continue to bear the brunt of the refugee crisis the conflict has spawned. Jordan, to the south, now hosts over 600,000 refugees that have fled Syria. Zaatari, one of the world’s largest refugee camps, houses 80,000 of them. The recent influx of Syrians adds to the already large number of disp ...

Dam busting and other true stories about publishing

Tue 09 May 2017

With access to the internet, it’s easy to imagine that a world of stories is at our fingertips. In fact, our access to authentic and diverse cultural narratives is blocked by colonial monopolies that have fettered the free movement of world narratives for hundreds of years. Readers trying to wade their way through new story platforms like Wattpa ...

Audiences, Activism and Political Film Festivals

Thu 25 May 2017

Since the 1970s, there has been significant growth in activist and human rights-focused film festivals around the world. In part, this reflects the fact that human rights has, particularly in the West, become a dominant political and legal language through which all kinds of issues can be expressed. However, it also reflects the influence that t ...

MFU 4 Asylum Seekers: Australian History and Society

History & Culture Wars

Wed 28 May 2014

Latin American Update

Making Sense of Mexico: Beyond the Drug Wars

Thu 05 May 2016

Sustainability and Permaculture

Permablitz day

Sun 22 Aug 2010

Permablitz day (practical permaculture workshop, 'permablitzing' a residential garden). This will take place on Sunday 22 August from 10am-4pm in Sunshine West (address given upon RSVP). The session is run by Permablitz Melbourne. The blitz will feature: Removal and reuse of paving to transform an under-utilised space into a productive garden and a ...

The Politics of Myth

Joan of Arc (and the English, and the French, the Inquisition and the many later versions)

Tue 19 Jun 2012

Religious, pure-hearted, a successful war-leader, the saviour of enfeebled France, and burnt to death before she was twenty: a startling story, with varied meanings for people, not only in France.

Contemporary Australian Issues

Race Relations in Australia

Sat 01 May 2010

In regard to its indigenous population and to non-European immigrants, Australia was a deeply racially divided country from its settlement until 1972, when the Whitlam government symbolically opened a new era in Australia’s race relations by abolishing the White Australia Policy. The bipartisan effort to reject the racist bias which had been offici ...

All creatures great and small: animals and us

Choosing compassion in a ruthless world: Barriers to ethical decision making

Thu 05 Sep 2013

This session will explore the difficulties we face in making choices that are consistent with our core values about non-human animals in the context of a world set up to disassociate us from our relationship and responsibilities towards them, especially those usually bred for consumption. We will identify common barriers to ethical decision making ...

War and Peace

Film on the War in Afghanistan.

Wed 25 May 2011

Media Ethics: New And Old Dilemmas

If It Bleeds It Leads: Ethics and disaster reporting

Thu 09 May 2013

The disaster zone is a vortex of information, much of it spun out by first responders to a hungry media. The public has a right to know, but where is actuality amongst these hurried impressions and in whose interest is the news we receive? This discussion outlines factors influencing contemporary disaster news and issues around its consumption. How ...

Refugee Realities: Risk, Rights and Resettlement

Access denied: What happens to refugees denied protection following an adverse ASIO security assessment?

Tue 01 Nov 2011

Welcome to the Anthropocene!

Oceans and Climate Change

Thu 13 Nov 2014

Dr Will Howard: School of Earth Sciences (Melbourne Uni)

MFU 4 Asylum Seekers: Australian History and Society

Battlegrounds & Wars

Thu 04 Sep 2014

The Politics of Madness: Listening to lived experience

What do we want from the mental health system?

Tue 29 Nov 2011

War and Peace

On wars and ending them

Tue 05 Apr 2011

History Matters

Graphic Distortions: The Comic Misadventures of Cartoonist Eric Jolliffe’s Witchetty’s Tribe (as read against 18C and other Whiteman Hissyfits)

Thu 06 Apr 2017

n 1980 cartoonist Eric Jolliffe was the subject of a Federal Anti-Discrimination Board case over a cartoon published in the Permanent Building Association's monthly magazine, Corroboree. The cartoon depicted a voluptuous young woman wearing only a bra on her bottom and was captioned ‘It's a white man's garment she got from the missionary's wife’. J ...

Welcome to the Anthropocene!

What can the past tell us about the future of climate change in Australia?

Wed 11 Jun 2014

Dr Simon Connor: School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment (Monash) Dr Joelle Gergis: School of Earth Sciences (Melbourne Uni) The Anthropocene has been put forward as a new geological epoch, one in which humans have come to rule the world's natural systems and processes. In an age of increased environmental awareness, the term has captured ...

Psychoanalysis is...

There is no sexual relation — psychoanalysis as antidote to the fantasy of One

Thu 08 Sep 2016

“There is no sexual relation” — “Il n’ y a pas de rapport sexuel” — is a, if not the, foundational statement of Lacanian psychoanalysis. It stands against the current push of individuals, groups and nations to reconstitute themselves as One, an impulse that leads ineluctably to the jouissance of sacrifice to “the dark God” Lacan spoke of towards th ...

Contemporary Australian Issues

Australia’s role in the world

Sat 01 May 2010

In an era characterised by globalisation, protracted civil wars, new security challenges, food and economic crises, and environmental challenges, the role Australia plays in the world has changed dramatically from in the past. Australia’s response to the myriad issues currently facing the international community raises numerous questions about the ...

Gender Wars: The Military, Guns & Women

Women and War: The role of gender in political violence

Tue 20 Aug 2013

Gender Wars: The Military, Guns & Women

Bombshells: Nuclear disarmament & Australian anti-war movements

Sat 09 Mar 2013

The mythology goes, that the Australian national identity was born on the shores of Gallipoli, carved by “rough men”, serving lofty deals of “mateship” and national service, and personal sacrifice. This characterization inherently excludes the stories, people and events of women, indigenous peoples and those opposed to Australian military expeditio ...

The Politics of Myth

Bennelong (and Boney and Jandawarra)

Tue 10 Jul 2012

One way of looking at relations with Australia’s indigenous people is to compare mythically different figures, the `first contact’ figure Bennelong, the imaginary `Boney’ and the actual criminal -- or tragic -- figure of Jandawarra.

War and Peace

Tales of war and peace

Tue 03 May 2011



Thu 03 Mar 2016

Free Winter Film Course

Images of War: Aesthetics, Simulation and Fascism

Tue 14 Jun 2011

Lessons of Darkness: A Requiem for An Uninhabitable Planet 1992 (Dir. Werner Herzog)

Challenging weapons, war, and violence: from local to global

Challenging weapons, war, and violence: from local to global

Tue 20 Sep 2016

War and Peace in Syria: Where to now?

War and Peace in Syria: Where to now?

Thu 09 Jun 2016

Asia-Pacific and Us: Australia In the Region

The Rise of China

Thu 28 Oct 2010

China's unprecedented rise to superpower is built on other East Asian economic miracles, such as the Japanese and South Korean success stories. However, within China growing disparities and ethnic tensions are pointing towards cracks in the system. How will China retain its momentum and deal with internal strife?

History Matters

History of Anzac

Thu 30 Mar 2017

When the Australian and NZ Army Corp (ANZAC) troops fought in the First World War, they understood themselves to be fighting for 'King and Country’. Today the service of the original Anzacs is generally portrayed as fighting for a set of values seen to be specifically Australian and which comprise the Anzac ‘spirit’: courage, endurance, initiative, ...